Monday, July 21, 2003

The Illogical Stuff In Life

On Saturday, I went to Century 21 (voted the best place to shop in NYC in Zagat's) and bought a crapload of jeans because I realized that khakis and white pants just couldn't cut it any more when I was picking out clothes to wear to go clubbing the night before. So there I was, flipping through piles of clothes, trying to figure out which pairs of dark jeans I should get while the temperature outside hovered above 90 degrees, with lots of humidity. It seemed so absurd and illogical that I had to shake my head as I tried to find a pair of D&G jeans my size (I ended up buying and then returning a pair of size 31, which is a size smaller than what I usually wear, because the damn thing was so tight in the crotch, I could feel the inner lining partitioning off my crown jewels). It was almost as absurd as that time when I had to drink chicken soup during lunch because the AC at the office chilled me to the bones. Meanwhile, the temperature outside was 95 F.