Thursday, August 14, 2003

The Shit Has Hit The Fan

About an hour ago, the lights at the office started flickering and then went out for a second before the back up power generators kicked in. Looks like quite a few cities have been effected by this massive power outage. A few people at the office pondered the possibility of this outage being the result of a terrorist attack. I don't really believe that, but I feel a bit rattled nonetheless.

I walked outside about 5 minutes ago and saw large crowds of people standing around looking confused. The traffic lights were all off, which explains the long lines of cars. I tried calling my sister and parents on my cell phone, but gave up after repeatedly redialing their numbers and not getting even an error message, even though my phone picked up a strong signal.

After hearing about thousands of people being stuck in the subway trains, I feel pretty fortunate that I can just walk home from work. However, I don't really have any reason to go home now because there's nothing to do at home since there's no electricity. I can't use the computer, watch TV, or play my PS2. No airconditioning either. I guess I will just hang out at the office for a little while until this problem is fixed. I had to call up Caroline to cancel our dinner plan later tonight. I had been looking forward to going to this "Gluttons of NYC" eating club event. Oh well.

Someone just came back into the office and said that the police were locking up all the subway entrances to prevent people from going in.

Right now, I'm listening to someone's radio broadcasting information on the outage, interrupted by static intermittently. A couple of minutes ago, the raspy radio was accompanied by a blaring speakerphone emitting loud, busy-signal beeps. I feel like I'm in some creepy video game right now, just waiting for some zombie/demon/vampire/werewolf to jump out of the next cubicle so I can blow its head off with my imaginary shotgun. Then I will call myself Ash and travel back to the 13th century in some kind of time warp and rattle off such classic one-liners as "gimme some sugar baby!" and "Hail to the king" while I lead a ragtag team of ruffians to fight off the Army of Darkness.

Hmmm, I wonder if they will start looting soon. That will solve all my gift-giving dilemmas.