Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Odds and Ends

Nothing annoys me more than those God awful Old Navy ads, but I can't get enough of that new one with Lil' Kim. The way she says "You are in the hood now, baby" is so mind-blowingly cute and incredibly seductive. Every time I see that commercial, I want to watch it again. And again. And again... I've always loved Eve's sassy attitude, but now I think I've found a new hip hop honey. I definitely prefer Lil' Kim's little ditty in the Old Navy commercial to some of her earlier works.

While rummaging through the bag of schwags I got at tonight's Big Brother/Big Sister 100th Anniversary party, I found a slick piece of promotional material illustrating the Olympics being held in NYC in 2012. The NYC/NJ map on the back side of the poster shows where all of the sporting events will supposedly be held. There's Weightlifting at the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, Artistic Gymnastics & Trampoline at Madison Square Garden, Basketball at the Continental Airlines Arena in Jersey (I would think that MSG would be the perfect place, but I guess Olympic basketball must not have the same draw as gymnastics), and Athletics (track & field, etc.), Opening & Closing ceremonies at the proposed Olympic Stadium that will be built in Midtown west Manhattan. Because of the miniscule size of my Manhattan east apartment, I'm pretty surprised to find out that there's still space for a stadium on this island. The organizers also decided to host Shooting at the Pelham Bay Shooting Center in, appropriately enough, the Bronx. I'm sure more shooting is just what the good people in the Bronx need.

Because it's that time of the year again, I'm beginning to see more and more Zales diamond commercials, one of which showed a woman tackling her husband out of joy because of the diamond he gave to her. Then the narrator says some bullshit like "A diamond from Zales means two things, it's of the highest quality and she will love you for it." No you crooks, it means there will be less money for Junior's college fund, but the guy will get laid tonight, which I guess isn't a bad trade off after all.

Two nights ago at the annual department Christmas party, I asked the bartender for a drink. While waiting for my drink, I overheard one of the servers asking (actually now I think about it, it was more like bantering) the bartender, "Is he old enough to drink? He looks like a kid." I whipped out my driver's license to prove that I was of legal age and we all had a nice little laugh. It was one of the few times I got carded while trying to get a drink in a NYC bar.

The other day during lunch, Phil asked me about my worst experience while working at my company. After I told him about my odor problem with the old apartment, he revealed to me that he has almost no sense of smell and had gotten into trouble before for wearing sweaty smelly clothes at work. Later when he was over at my place, I had to use the restroom. After I came out, I had an epiphany: "Dude, I can fart every 5 minutes around you and you wouldn't even notice!" For some reason I found this uproariously funny. Phil replied in mock indignation, "I can't believe you would take advantage of my unfortunate disability!"