Monday, May 07, 2007

More Work Stories

* Half a block away across the street from my office building is a gentlemen's club with a huge 3-story billboard that constantly advertises new porno releases. The one being promoted now is "Janine Loves Jenna," featuring two sultry blonde sirens. Today while I was waiting for my lunch takeout from the Chinese restaurant across the street from the club, I noticed that on the billboard, underneath the picture of the tempstresses and the title, it said "Music by KBH Walt Jizzney."

* At my security for developers training class today, the instructor was explaining how Paris Hilton's Tmobile web account was compromised. "Someone broke into her account by using the forgot my password function and answering the secret question, which was 'what is your favorite pet's name?'" said the instructor, "Does anyone remember what her dog's name was?" "Tinkerbell," I blurted out. Everyone started laughing. Hope I didn't lose too much geek cred with that answer.