Thursday, June 26, 2003

A Few Quickies

* Just when it finally stopped raining outside, it's now super hot and extremely humid. While walking around in the city today I felt like my balls were immersed in a fucking pickle jar. Although my apt is hot as hell in this 95-degree weather because it lacks an AC, at least i can walk around in my underwear since I'm living alone. I'm totally in Homer mode right now. NO COMPLAINTS ABOUT UNWANTED DETAILS FROM ANY OF YOU FOOLS!!

* There was a suspicious package next to the UN today, so the full suite of law enforcement agencies showed up, including the NYPD, the bomb squad, and the firefighters. It turned out to just contain a coffee can. I'm definitely not very thrilled about this little incident because I will be living right next to the UN. I can see the fucking flag poles from outside of my apartment, which is itself called The Ambassador!! I would hate to be woken up in the middle of the night and evacuated from my apartment the next time some retard leaves a package near the UN.

* Just when I was going to rant against corporate synergy because my local FOX affilliate has been showing clips of and interviews with the starlets of Charlie's Angels Full Throttle every night for the past week, I found out that the movie is actually from Sony Pictures, not Fox. It's no less annoying though. Also, I'm glad that Tom Green won't be in Full Throttle, get this, as a result of his divorce settlement with Drew Berrymore. I hate that annoying dipshit. Does anyone actually find that uni-balled retard funny?

* Wow, I can't believe Jason Capono went ahead of Luke Walton in the draft. That's pretty shocking given how much all the announcers (excluding Bill Walton) loved Walton and how much flack Capono always got for being inconsistent.