Sunday, June 22, 2003

Save The (Asian) Males

A couple of days ago I saw an ad that featured an Asian man talking, throughout the duration of the entire commercial. I think it's the seond commercial I have ever watched in recently memory that had an Asian guy in it, with the first a Scope commerical showing some Asian guy standing among a bunch of other people rinsing his mouth. It makes me realize that Asian men, be they East or South Asian, are almost like an endangered species when it comes to ad representation. I see white guys, black guys, Hispanic guys whooping it up with black girls, white girls, Hispanic girls, and Asian girls regularly in beer commercials and subway ads, but rarely do I ever see any Asian guy sticking around. If TV commercials truly reflect reality, then one must inevitably come to the conclusion that Asian girls reproduce asexually. So once upon a time, there was only one hot Asian girl. She had long black hair that shined, a beautiful face and a slender body. Then one day, a part of her body began to oscillate, quiver, twitch, and...viola!! It broke off and formed another girl that looked almost exactly like her. And then another, and another....

After many generations of such mitotic splintering, all of these beautiful Asian girls ended up in beer commercials featuring debates on the importance of "less filling" vs. "great taste."