Monday, July 21, 2003

We Don't All Look Alike Dammit!

Earlier today at lunch, the Asian guy who was in line before me ordered a slice of sausage and pepper pizza. When it was my turn to order, I made the same choice. The server, who happened to be black, looked at me with a confused expression. "You only want 1 slice, right?" He asked. "Yeah, " I answered, somewhat puzzled myself by his question. "I put a slice in there already," He said. I looked in the oven thing and saw only one slice of pizza. Then I realized that he had confused me with the other guy. I said, "No, that slice belongs to the guy who ordered before me" and pointed at the other guy. The server looked at the other guy and said, "Oh." Finally, he put a slice in the oven for me. I found the whole episode pretty amusing. I guess it wasn't really all his fault because the other guy also wore a blue shirt, had short hair and was even about my height. But he wasn't wearing glasses!! We were as different as Clark Kent and Superman!

Speaking of being Asian, I have really enjoyed that new Fox show, Banzai. It's so stupid, bizarre and funny. I love everything about that wacky show, from the oddly animated Japanese characters to the "Ahhh, BANZAI!" karate chop transitions. I can see why the Media Action Network for Asian-Americans are protesting the show for its unflattering stereotypes, but I don't find it offensive at all. I'm somewhat puzzled by my own lack of reaction. Perhaps it's because I'm too busy laughing to care about all the racial caricatures. Or maybe because Banzai does a very good job of mimicking many real, wacky Japanese game shows.