Friday, August 01, 2003

So Much To Do, So Little Money

After living in the new Manhattan apartment for a little more than a month now, I have to say that the extra $400 a month I pay in rent is so totally worth it. It's pretty amazing what a change of scenery can do for one's social life. Ever since moving here, I have been going out almost every night, hanging out with friends, old and new. My social activities have increased ten-fold, although I guess the warmer weather does make me feel more restless. It's so convenient and liberating. Totally fucking unbelievable. I wish I had moved into the city sooner.

On the other hand, I have been hemorraghing money like crazy, which is unsurprising when the bars/clubs here charge $12 for a freaking martini and $7 for a bottle of beer. There will be even more bloodletting when I go on my China trip next month. I really need to find more free/cheap activities like the chunkathlon, or else I will be broke.