Monday, February 02, 2004


Last night while watching the Super Bowl at a bar with Kabir, I turned away from the TV for a split second just before the end of the half-time show. By the time I heard the hollering from the other patrons, it was already too late. I had missed the scene. Since then I have been baffled by the amount of controversy that this little stunt has generated. What Janet Jackson exposed was not significantly more outrageous than these ladies have shown. We are talking about one freaking partially obscured nipple being flashed on screen for a millisecond here. Ms. Jackson didn't just fuck a donkey on stage for God's sake (although she did dance with one). Frankly, I don't understand this "Oh my god, I can't believe she just showed her breast!" reaction. I saw more breasts when I went to my sister's Lamaze class reunion party with her and her husband (don't ask), where a bunch of new moms were feeding their babies. A bare breast is just what we normally see on TV (I mean, what some people see) plus an additional square inch of skin. Get over it.

I find the recent foolishness going on in Georgia much more horrifying. Could the whole country have some kind of referendum on the statehood of Georgia to decide if they should be kicked out of the Union? They can just take Alabama and form their own God-fearing country. Could someone please remind me the rationale for preventing the South from seceding in the first place? I don't think we would have missed much, definitely not country music.

Also, what's going on in the NBA? I don't ever remember seeing this many games in a season ending with teams scoring in the 70's. Maybe all the college dropouts should have stayed in school longer and honed their skills before jumping to the NBA. I know I'm treading into Tolu territory here, but it really is annoying to watch the level of offensive ineptitude displayed by all these cocky mega millionaires.

In another sports-related rant, about a month ago while watching the national championship game between LSU and Oklahoma, I heard one of the announcers start to praise an LSU player. "What a great story this kid is," he gushed. I expected to hear the usual "boy overcomes congenital birth defect" or "orphan beats great odds after losing parents in horrible, tragic car accident" type of story. Nope. This guy's "story" was that for two years he couldn't gain academic eligibility to play for LSU and had to play at some junior college instead before finally getting the standardized scores and grades necessary to enroll at LSU, which is not exactly the paragon of higher education. The last time I checked, you only need an 820 on the SAT. You get 400 just for filling out your name!! How hard is that? I guess the moral of the "story" is that the guy is a moron but it doesn't matter because he won't need to know multisyllabic words or the circumference of a circle to chase down some other former partial academic qualifier in his future job.