Sunday, January 02, 2005

Ouch X 2

* On Friday night I met up with Yan and his Dutch friends Alex and Stephen, both of whom came to visit from Amsterdam, at a bar near Times Square called Zanzibar. After I ordered an apple martini, Stephen looked at me and said, "I love apple martinis too, but I'm gay." From then on, he gave me shit every five minutes about how gay he was and how much he loved apple martinis. I love these crazy Dutch people. Need to visit Amsterdam this year for sure.

* Earlier tonight I dropped by a bar in the Village to visit Liz and some of her friends. As she was introducing me to one of her friends, he said, "Oh yeah, I remember you from the party back in September. You are the computer science geek!"

I looked at him and wracked my brain trying to figure out if I had really met him before and struggled mightily to recall details about his background. Then I remembered: he's Canadian (he had an accent), works for a bank, and is openly gay.

"Oh right! You are the gay guy," I blurted out without thinking.

His face tightened and his eyes opened wide as he awkwardly squeezed out the following words, "I'm not gay." Apparently, I had confused him for another Canuck .

While Liz laughed her ass off, I hastily apologized to him, faked some small talk, and ran for the restroom to escape.