Monday, August 15, 2005

Birds and Bees

The last time I had a haircut was just after I came back from Europe in mid June so I've been feeling pretty furry lately but just hadn't had the time to get a haircut in between going out drinking with coworkers and throwing a big party with animal balloons. Today I went into work to discover that 4 guys in the office all got haircuts during the weekend. Another one went for a little trim during lunch. It was of course the last bit of motivation for me to finally get that much needed haircut.

This is definitely not the first time I've noticed guys from the office getting haircuts during roughly the same time. In my previous job, my coworkers also got haircuts at around the same time. You know how they say that women who spend time together tend to have synchronized menstrual cycles? Maybe there is some biological reason for guys to get haircuts at the same time too? Maybe during prehistoric times, all the cave men cut their hair at the same time so the saber-toothed tigers wouldn't prey upon the one guy tripping on his beautiful, Fabio-esque flowing mane?

On a somewhat tangential note, while I was at the Chinatown hair salon recommended by a coworker, a white American girl came in and asked for blonde highlights. The Chinese hairstylists started working on her hair, doing god knows what hair stylists do to people who want their hair bleached. Mid-way through, the girl asked the stylists to change the way they were working on her hair. Because the staff's English was somewhat limited, they had trouble understanding her, at which point the poor girl started asking, "Does anyone here speak English?" I started translating for her. It took me a while to talk to her to find out what she wanted and to relay that info to the stylists. The funniest part was when she pleaded with me to tell the stylists to hurry up because "this bleach is really burning my hair."

It was somewhat baffling to me why she would come to this place since the price wasn't any cheaper than most of the other salons in Manhattan. It also irritated me somewhat to hear her asking questions as if the stylists spoke absolutely no English. I guess I'm just quibbling over semantics, but not speaking English fluently is not the same thing as being unable to speak English at all.