Saturday, August 20, 2005

Random Memories

I love going out with friends and having a good time, but sometimes it's also nice to eat alone and reminisce about the good old days. A couple of hours ago while I was munching on some conch with red oil, I thought about this shirt I have that says "come get dirty" on the front. It brought back memories of the Phi Psi mud tug-of-war charity event I participated with Sachin, Ahmad, and Ross several years ago when we were all sophomores. To make the competition fair, each team could weigh no more than 800 pounds. Of course, our team name was "800 lbs of Gary's mom," courtesy of the three stooges on my team. After much persuasion from my douchebag friends, I reluctantly put on the "come get dirty" shirt emblazed with "800 lbs of Gary's mom" written with huge black markers to make the letters extra legible for all to see. We ended up losing in the first round, so Ross and I horsed around in the mud. To this day I still remember the shocked expression on his face as I put my foot behind his heels and slammed his ass into the mud. Oh how I miss the good old days when boys were boys.