Monday, January 23, 2006

Desperate Measures

[23:54:25PM] Sachin: dude just meet us in ev [for pool]
[23:54:34PM] Me: dude, i think i'll pass
[23:54:36PM] Me: i'm super tired [because I just came back from the gym]
[23:54:39PM] Sachin: fuck that
[23:54:40PM] Sachin: lets go
[23:54:43PM] Me: and by the time i get down there it'll be like 1
[23:54:47PM] Sachin: just for like an hour
[23:54:48PM] Sachin: no way
[23:54:50PM] Sachin: 10 min
[23:54:54PM] Sachin: no need to shower
[23:54:55PM] Me: no, i need to take a shower
[23:54:58PM] Sachin: doesn't make any differentce
[23:55:10PM] Me: i don't want to go down there all sweaty
[23:56:02PM] Me: i think my roommate and his gf are going to have sex soon
[23:56:05PM] Me: i'm coming now