Thursday, June 01, 2006


* Went to a picnic in Park Slope this weekend. Man, they don't call it Dyke Slope for nothing. The lesbian couple (I'm almost 100% positive because I can't imagine two hetero women barbecuing by themselves with their own grille) next to us was really really nice and allowed us to borrow their grille, but the butch one was scary. Let's just say I wouldn't want to share a prison cell with her. She was super buff, heavily tattooed and wore a wife beater!! I'm sure she would have been beating her wife at home instead grilling meat if she was allowed to have a wife.

* Finally signed up for a photography class. I figured now would be the perfect time to finally learn to take pictures since I will be going to Tibet in a couple of months, which from what I hear is like another planet. Also, instead of just chasing girls who are into photography, I should learn the craft myself, although they aren't mutually exclusive, I guess.

* While waiting for the traffic light this morning, I was surprised by a coworker who came behind me. He smiled and said, "It was very easy to recognize you from the unique way you walk." Later, I asked another coworker while I was walking in front of him, "Do I look like I'm still waddling when I walk?" He replied, "You were waddling BEFORE you sprained your ankle."

A couple of months ago, just after I broke my ankle, I was limping to the bathroom one day feeling pissed off when, lo and behold, walking directly toward me on crutches was this guy with one foot in a cast. I found the situation completely ridiculous and hilarious because we were at totally opposite ends of the long hallway and limped toward each other like we were in a gimp face off. I actually thought of that episode of South Park that had the infamous gimp fight. At the same time, I was feeling a little embarassed because I didn't have any kind of cast or brace on that would indicate I had an injury too. For all I knew, this guy could have thought I was making fun of him by limping around, but it was all good because he's in my group now. At that moment, I actually felt a lot better just because I was still better off than he was. Or so it seemed.

A week later, we both crammed into an elevator. He lost the crutches and was only wearing a boot while I actually gained a big cast (one of the more frustrating aspects of this whole ordeal is that after my injury I actually got MORE protection as time went on: first I wore a flimsy ankle brace that my roomie and his gf were nice enough to pick up for me at Duane Reade the day after I sustained the injury, then my podiatrist gave me a bigger brace when I saw him for the first time, then my physical therapist gave me an air cast, and 2 weeks later, when my MRI revealed a stress fracture, my podiatrist gave me a big cast that covered the bottom half of my leg that also had the added benefit of having velcro straps that made a loud tearing noise whenever I walked, which prompted smirks from the coworkers because they could hear me as soon as I came out of the elevator and also led me to being called "Gimpy McGimpster"). Anyways, one of the people already in the elevator, a total stranger, saw us coming in together, smiled and asked, "Did you guys play soccer together?" The whole elevator started laughing, including us.

It felt good to know that no matter how soul-crushing our jobs may be, we haven't lost our sense of humor.