Sunday, February 11, 2007

Memories, sweet old memories

me (10:37:55 PM): i thought you were going to bring d home
me (10:37:57 PM): or something
me (10:38:14 PM): cuz at one point you said to me, "the more i drink, the cuter she looks"
joe (10:38:18 PM): LOL
me (10:38:26 PM): i don't know if she heard that
joe (10:38:32 PM): no wonder
joe (10:38:40 PM): i felt like we were vibing
joe (10:38:41 PM): then
joe (10:38:45 PM): all the sudden, she was not so nice to me
joe (10:38:46 PM): lol
joe (10:39:00 PM): i always say stupid shit like that
joe (10:39:02 PM): im sucha dumbass
me (10:39:09 PM): haha
joe (10:39:11 PM): once i was drinkin with friends
joe (10:39:15 PM): and with this chick right next to me
joe (10:39:15 PM): i say
joe (10:39:23 PM): "man, that chick wears too much makeup, but i'd still fuck her"
joe (10:39:26 PM): she went
joe (10:39:29 PM): WHAT DID YOU SAY
joe (10:39:29 PM): lol