Saturday, February 07, 2004

Anything but Bush

Article 1

"A duck hunting trip Vice President Dick Cheney took with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia last month has raised questions about a possible conflict of interest because Scalia was hearing a case involving Cheney at the time of the hunt.

The trip included a flight in a U.S. government jet, a ride in a police motorcade and lodging in a floating hunting camp owned by an oil-services tycoon who is a longtime Scalia friend ...

Congressional Democrats and newspaper editorials have called for Scalia to step down from the case, which has to do with whether Cheney must reveal who serves on his energy task force. Further complicating the question: The host of the hunting trip is a prominent member of the energy industry."

Let me get this straight: A Supreme Court justice went on an all-expense paid hunting trip with someone central to a case that he will be reviewing, and this trip was hosted by a "prominent member" of the industry under investigation. To add insult to injury, we the tax payers probably footed the bill for all the security details. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Do they think we are all retarded? Why don't they just give us the finger too while they are at it? I don't care if you are a liberal or conservative because everyone should be outraged regardless of his/her political beliefs.

Article 2

"President Bush appointed a conservative former judge and a moderate former Democratic senator Friday to head a special commission to "figure out why" inspectors haven't found the weapons that intelligence experts said Saddam Hussein was hiding in Iraq.

Bush told the panel to report back to him by the end of March 2005, well after the November elections and two years after U.S. troops invaded Iraq."

Shouldn't such a commission be assembled by someone that is NOT being suspected of manufacturing lies to go to war? There isn't even the slightest attempt to fake an appearance of propriety and impartiality on Bush's part. How can the media and the people let him get away with this?