Monday, June 14, 2004

Random Thoughts While Watching the Lakers/Pistons Game

Yet another sign of the impending Apocalypse: a teaser ad for a new ABC show called "Desperate Housewives." WTF???

Why is Nike even wasting time making shoes? They should just stick to marketing and advertising. The latest ad with Lance Armstrong is mind-blowingly artistic/gorgeous/powerful/brilliant. I wish I could take a snapshot of that scene where Lance charges out of the tunnel with the birds and hang it up on my wall. It's such an exquisite image that it literally takes my breath away. I also find the later scene in which the front wheel of the little boy's bike struggles to catch up to Lance's back wheel oddly moving. Even though I have seen the ad several times, I'm still awestruck every time it comes on.

Why is Tom Tolbert wearing that hideous minty-colored suit? Doesn't he know he's on national TV?