Thursday, November 30, 2006

Big Punisher

Last Friday, I finally went to a driving range with Sachin when we were in CT for Thanksgiving. It was my first time ever hitting a golf ball with a real club, as opposed to just putting the ball during a mini-golf game. It was surprisingly fun whacking those golf balls as far as I could. I felt like Happy Gilmore at times crushing those little balls. The majority of the balls ended up shooting into the distance beyond 200 yards, with quite a few going beyond the 250-yard sign. I also came close to hitting some construction trucks operating near the course when some balls actually went over the tall nets on the side of the course meant to keep the balls in.

Even Sachin was impressed. However, he wasn't as impressed when my inital practice swing came within a few inches of his face: "Dude, what the fuck!! What the fuck!!" Haha.

Alas, I definitely have to work more on my accuracy as I also hit a few horrible shots that thankfully were blocked by the side nets from killing the people near to me.

I don't think I will ever try to play a full round of golf though, mostly because it takes so long and I don't think I will get as much of a work out playing golf as, saying, playing squash. Also, I don't want to spend the money to buy a full set of clubs. I feel like my life is so nomadic now that I shouldn't buy something that will be a pain in the ass come moving time.

Here's a joke that I remembered hearing in high school as I was swinging for the fences:

What is the world's worst golf foursome?

O.J. Simpson, Heidi Fleiss, Susan Smith, and Greg Louganis

O.J. is always slicing
Heidi is always hooking
Susan Smith is always in the water
Greg Louganis is always in the wrong hole