Sunday, December 10, 2006

Go See Ron Mueck!!!!

On Saturday I went to the Brooklyn Museum to check out the Annie Leibovitz exhibit with Sachin. As usual my company ID got us in for free, which I guess is at least one benefit of working for a soul-less corporate America. I went for Annie Leibovitz, but was totally blown away by the sculptures of Ron Mueck. They are the most impressive artistic achievements I've encountered since seeing Michelangelo's David at the Accademia in Florence. My jaw hit the floor: "My mind's been blown, " I kept telling Sachin.

These are the most realistic and powerful representations of human beings I've ever seen (except for the whole different scale thing, I guess). They seem more human than most people I encounter on the streets every day. The details are so painstakingly accurate, every hair (some gray, some dark, some graying), freckle, mole, wrinkle, eye lash, vein, nail is there. I felt overwhelmed with emotions as I watched these naked, vulnerable souls who seemed lost in lonelieness and melancholy. I felt really sad not just because I was sympathetic towards the statues' sorrows but also because I felt that I will never be as accomplished as Mueck at anything I do in life. Ok, maybe at whistling, because I kick ass at whistling. The other night when I was with Sachin, Leslie and Adrienne at a taco place, I started whistling along to "Wind of Change," that awesome Scorpions song that was being played at the taco shack.

Anyways, go visit the Brooklyn Museum before the Mueck exhibit ends on 2/7/07. I think it's the most powerful and moving exhibit I've ever visited.