Tuesday, August 05, 2003

A Valuable Commodity?

There's an interesting article in the Chicago Sun Times that sheds some light on the ridiculously high prices of inkjet printer cartridges:

"Pound for pound, forget gold, forget diamonds. There is nothing more valuable on Earth than an inkjet cartridge."
If the ink were gasoline, it would cost you $175,000 to fill your gas tank.

Last Christmas, I finally persuaded Dad to replace the ancient HP Deskjet 520 that had been collecting dust at home for almost 3 years. We bought a Minolta laster printer for $120 from Best Buy. It's smaller, quieter, faster, cheaper (in the long run) and offers much better printing quality than every inkjet on the market. The only thing it doesn't do is color. Big deal, we never printed in color anyways. In fact, I think I will probably replace my current injket printer with a cheap laser printer when it runs out of ink.