Sunday, October 26, 2003

Life Is Indeed A Roller Coaster Ride

It really is funny how on the day that I felt engulfed by an inextinguishable anger which made me want to smash someone's face in; that I was fed up with everyone and everything, from my so-called friends that never call me to hang out to the warm-up pants tinged with that fucking old-apartment smell which I had to toss away; that my previously undefeated team lostthe only game I've watched them play all season long; that I marveled at a cockroach which somehow managed to extricate itself from a gel mouse trap after hours of struggling and wondered if I had that much fight left in me; that I chose to have dinner in this totally empty but totally charming French restaurant in SoHo because I didn't want to deal with or see another single fucking human being that I didn't need to see; that I ambled through the streets of Manhattan with Blumchen blasting in my earbuds trying to avoid looking at any girl because I was so sick of that whole lot:

* I made eye contact with 2 Asian princesses and 1 super groovy chick with green bell-bottoms
* I laughed out loud when the bartender in the restaurant grimaced in embarassment, ran to the Apple Powerbook which fed music to the stereo system, and fast forwarded to the next song because he had apparently forgotten to take out "What is Love" (by Haddaway) from the playlist
* I stumbled into Bubba Ho-Tep and had a few good chuckles at all the campiness in that movie
* I saw a Budweiser ad on the train that finally had a good-looking Asian guy in it; although he had a terrible goatee and a hideous little patch of facial hair right underneath his lower lip, he stood next to this hot blonde with enormous knockers, so all is forgiven
* and I walked back toward my apartment in the drizzling rain feeling alive again and reminisced about that one time in New Orleans when I walked through a huge summer thunderstorm feeling cooled, refreshed and exhilarated.