Monday, October 20, 2003

Uniform Fetish?

After having dinner with Annie and doing a little shopping at K-Mart today (God I miss all the mega stores like Wal-Mart and Costco since moving here, they are so cheap and convenient, screw the suspicious small drug store owners, who stare at me like I want to steal their toothpaste, and their lousy prices and limited selections), I had two interesting encounters. The first occurred after I got on the train. There was a high school girl sitting across me dressed like Britney Spears from her first music video. She was actually not all that hot, and I would not have looked at her twice had she not been wearing that Catholic school girl outfit.

Then I realized I got on the wrong train and I was going in the opposite direction. After shaking my head at my stupidity, I got out at the next stop and hopped on the correct train.

As I walked in Grand Central after getting off the train, I saw the cutest army soldier/reservist(?) ever. She was Hispanic and she looked so damn cute wearing that black beret. There is just something about an attractive woman in military fatigues We made eye contact while I walked past her. Since I was wearing my best suit, I felt pretty hot myself and flashed her a smile. I walked away before I could see her reaction, but since she didn't chase me down or shoot me with her M16, I think she appreciated that random bit of friendliness.

What is it about women in uniform?