Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Confessions Of A Deprived Mind

me: i'll listen to it at work tomorrow
me: on my ipod
rita: what a yuppie...
me: god, i love my ipod more than you or anyone else
rita: haha
me: yep i'm a gadget freak
me: and you are too
me: don't deny it
rita: nope
rita: i'm not
me: you are just jealous of me and my ipod
rita: lol
rita: lauren has an ipod
rita: it wasn't that great
rita: actually, i was totally jealous
rita: that's a lie
me: haha
rita: she had it on the train we took back from the beach
rita: and let me use it
rita: i wanted to steal it and run
me: man, ipod and itunes go together like you and me
me: oh wait, never mind
rita: oh boy
rita: later gary
me: l8r
rita: that's the best nerd pick up line
rita: i've heard
me: thank you
me: thank you