Monday, June 14, 2004

At the Movies

Saturday night I checked out "Saved" with Andy. I was a little apprehensive going into the movie because I had seen some mixed reviews, but then again it couldn't be that bad if it's making fun of fundamentalist Christians. Overall I found the movie pretty entertaining and very funny in certain parts. I would definitely recommend it.

However, I saw some awful trailers before the movie started. I guess "awful" is too a strong word. "Pointless" is more like it. There was a preview for a remake of "Shall We Dance," a mildly entertaining Japanese movie I saw several years ago about a white-collar professional who sought to distract himself from mid-life crisis by taking ballroom dancing lessons. It was followed by "Cinderella," a modern retelling of the classic fairy tale starring Hillary Duff created for the sole purpose of swindling the hard-earned allowances of that new buzz-worthy demographic known as "tweens." I couldn't help but vent to Andy, "Why do these movies exist?" The only redeeming trailer out of the lot was the one for "Fahrenheit 9/11." Check it out here. That last scene where Bush whacks a golf ball seconds after solemnly proclaiming the importance of the "War on Terror" is just priceless.

I saw one of the most amazing things ever while using the restroom before going into the theatre (I'm experimenting with the "Memento" narrative). As I was relieving myself, an African-American gentleman in a wheelchair pulled up to the urinal next to mine. I wondered what the guy would do next since he didn't seem to have anyone else helping him. Peering out the right corner of my eyes, I saw a steady, horizontal stream shooting into the urinal with laser precision. The man was almost a foot away from the urinal!! It was as if he had a fire hose in his pants. I just hope whoever gives him oral pleasure has enough sense to duck away at the right moment so she won't have a hole in her head like that one baddie in "Die Another Day," who had a burst of laser penetrate his head while he trying to kill Halle Berry.