Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Give Me A Break

While watching Daria on The N, which is one of the 200+ cable channels I have and one of the 190 channels that I almost never watch, I saw this ad for one of the shows: "what happens when we switch an M-C [shot of wanksta white suburban kid wearing his hat backwards and extra baggy cloths and really "thugging" it] with a de-ba-ter! [straight-edge white preppy guy making a speech in a library to a bunch of students]...[blah blah blah show's name], shattering stereotypes!" I'm still not sure what kind of a channel The N really is. It appears to be targeting the kids who are too old for Nickelodeon but are not yet ready for MTV. I'm somewhat baffled that a show as interesting and intelligent, not to mention cynical and smart-assed, is running in syndication on "The N."