Sunday, February 08, 2004

The Issues Quiz

I just took a pretty comprehensive quiz to determine which of the Democratic candidates is most compatible with me when it comes to issues such as national defense, healthcare, education, and social security.

Here is a list of the candidates and the issues on which we see eye to eye:

Howard Dean
# Trade Policy

John Kerry
# Gun Control
# Energy and Environment
# Role of U.S. Military

John Edwards
# Education

Dennis Kucinich
# Terrorism

Wesley Clark
# Security & Civil Liberties
# Employment
# Economy
# Poverty and Homelessness
# Health Care
# Iraq -- Rebuilding
# Social Security

Al Sharpton
# Family and Marriage

I'm surprised that I seem to be most compatible with Wesley Clark: I agreed with him on 7 out of 14 issues. Then again, all the candidates' stances on most of the issues are very very similiar if not identical. For example, all of them want to enlist more international support for peace keeping in Iraq. They all oppose privatizing social security and school vouchers. They all support granting gay couples the same rights as married hetero couples. Most of the differences stem from wording and semantics rather than divergent viewpoints. Maybe I chose Clark's opinions because he phrased his arguments the way I would.

Even though the quiz took me a good 45 minutes to finish (all those details pages are so damn long), it gave me a much clearer idea of the candidates' stance of all the important issues. I highly recommend it.