Friday, October 03, 2003

Too Funny

Name I encountered while updating some database user's info: "K. Mocock"

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Baby Pics

Here's the little sleepy head:

I was a bit concerned when I first saw the pic because her head seems a bit on the lumpy side. Dad said that's the way most newborns look so I guess she will be ok. Here's a full body shot of her. I still can't believe my 5'4 sister gave birth to an almost 2' baby.

Note to self: need to post some more intellectual text on war/death/politics/etc. soon before this blog turns into a mushy baby journal.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Tracy Had A Little Lamb

Why, I will be a goat's uncle!! After tormenting her mother for almost an entire day, my little niece was finally born last night right on schedule at around 11:45 pm PST in the year of the goat. At a hefty 9 pounds and 4 oz (I was pretty groggy at the time I called Dad, so not totally positive about the exact weight) and 22 inches long, she appears to be "a healthy little lamb," according to Dad, who was in Minnesota and eagerly and anxiously waited all day (like me) for updates from Mom in California. My sister and her daughter are both in good health now, for which I am extremely grateful. I was pretty concerned all day yesterday because of the long hours that Sis had spent in labor, and didn't get much sleep last night at all because of 1.) anxiety about the baby; 2.) annoying mosquito that showed an insatiable appetite for my head; and 3.) some weird allergic reaction to God knows what that caused hives to break out on my face. Obviously, I wasn't in as much misery as Sis, but I think I will be pretty tired today.

I will let the new parents have a little rest before I call them up to find out the name of my little niece. In my last conversation with the Sis, she had suggested Carrie, which I found underwhelming. I think she's been watching too much "Sex and the City." I also vetoed Madison because it sounded like a high-priced escort's name. Whatever they decided to name her, it better be a cool and unique name. God knows we don't need another Jennifer.

The Sis will stay in the hospital for another couple of days because of her C-section while my Bro-in-law will need to return to UC-Davis to teach his afternoon Calculus class. I hope he remembers what he's going to teach in class today because I don't think I would be able to if I had to spend more than a day in the hospital in a heightened state of alert.

As for me, I will need to rush back to my apartment at noon to ship the huge box of baby clothes that the relatives in China bought for the little lamb, who is actually taller than the box! I thought new-borns were supposed to be tiny! In terms of height, both of her parents are about average (sis: around 5'4, bro: 5'8). I wonder how tall she will grow up to be. I wish I were there right now to cradle her in my arms!! I hope they will email me her picture soon so I can post it here.

Because I had to stuff my suitcase with so much baby clothes, I didn't have room for all those counterfeit brand name clothes I had planned to buy in China. The sacrifice an uncle has to make!!

Oh yeah, one last thing. It's pretty weird how, with the birth of the new baby, everyone has been "promoted" on the family tree. I am now officially an uncle (while chatting in some bar in Beijing with Jingfeng, who's my brother-in-law's younger brother, we both marvelled at the fact that we would be uncles soon). Dad and Mom have become Grandpa and Grandma. This will take some getting used to.

UPDATE: I finally talked to Sis and Mom for a while. Sis sounds like she's recovering from the ordeal quite nicely. According to Mom, the baby is pretty heavy (I've confirmed her weight to be 9 lb 3 oz) and she has trouble holding her. Little Lamb (Dad's nickname for her) is also pretty well-behaved and hasn't bawled too much. Although just born, she has a full head of beautiful black hair already, enough to make a little pony tail. Sis is still trying to figure out a name for LL. She's picking between Cindy, Jasmine and Erin. Mom doesn't like Jasmine too much because she has trouble pronouncing it :-)

I told Sis to email a picture of LL to Dad and me ASAP. God I wish I can be there to hold her in my arms. Looks like we may all be spending Christmas in California this year.