Sunday, April 01, 2007

Work Stories

* My manager told us this story one day: "I was doing some stuff in the backyard on Saturday and let the dog out. He went crazy when he saw this squirrel running around in the backyard with a nut and chased it away. Then he paced back to the middle of the yard where the squirrel had dropped its nut, lifted one leg and pissed on it out of spite."

* About a months ago, I was on my way to a bar after work with a couple of coworkers and overheard them marveling at how difficult it is to fire people at the firm even when they are totally incompetent. That's awesome! was my first reaction because since I joined the firm in October I feel like I've finally found a home to really grow and advance my career after switch companies a couple of times previously. If it's hard to get rid of me, all the better :)

A month later, a girl sitting near me collected money from a bunch of us for an office lotto pool because of the $390 Million Mega Millions jackpot. My manager joked that if we win then no one will show up to work the next day. Of course everyone showed up the next day. Except her. My manager joked, "Maybe she bought an extra ticket we didn't know about." Another day passed and she still didn't show up.

Later I found out that she was laid off as part of a 5% workforce reduction at the firm. No, not that other firm in the news with the 5% layoff. Although I'm not too concerned about losing my job, it's still a jolting reminder that job security is not a guarantee for our generation.