Thursday, November 06, 2003

Good Lord

From this article in the Post:

" Less than a month after Pepsi announced a blockbuster deal to give away 100 million downloads from Apple's iTunes music service to its customers, McDonald's is close to a announcing a much bigger deal, The Post has learned.

In a dramatic move that gives a thumbs up to the music industry's efforts at creating legal alternatives to file sharing, McDonald's plans to give away up to 1 billion songs in a marketing campaign, according to sources familiar with the matter."

The most remarkable part of the deals is that both companies will be paying the full retail price of $.99 per song. Then again, the Post is not exactly the bastion of journalistic integrity, so I'm not ready to buy a chunk of Apple stocks yet. Any discount on Apple stocks, Sachin?

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Give Me A Break

While watching Daria on The N, which is one of the 200+ cable channels I have and one of the 190 channels that I almost never watch, I saw this ad for one of the shows: "what happens when we switch an M-C [shot of wanksta white suburban kid wearing his hat backwards and extra baggy cloths and really "thugging" it] with a de-ba-ter! [straight-edge white preppy guy making a speech in a library to a bunch of students]...[blah blah blah show's name], shattering stereotypes!" I'm still not sure what kind of a channel The N really is. It appears to be targeting the kids who are too old for Nickelodeon but are not yet ready for MTV. I'm somewhat baffled that a show as interesting and intelligent, not to mention cynical and smart-assed, is running in syndication on "The N."

I Write Like a Manly Man Too!

Do you write like a man or a woman? Find out here. My entries on the Song Meiling viewing and my rotten day a while back were rated male while the entry on uniform fetish was pegged as being written by a woman, which is kinda odd. Then again, this program won't exactly pass the Turing Test either.

It's Good To Be Back

It's such a great feeling to be back at work finally, as opposed to lying in bed for the past 3 days, suffering from chills and sweating brought on by a fever, as well as various other unpleasant stomach ailments the details of which I will spare everyone. Did I mention that during all that time, we had record-breaking high temperatures in the City (it was 79 degrees on Monday!!) and beautiful weather with nary a drop of rain?

This living-on-my-own-at-my-own-place-and-being-independent thing is great until I'm deathly ill and just wish my mommy was there to make me chicken soup and feed me when I'm too sick to crawl out of bed. I suspect my illness was a case of food poisoning. Anyways, I'm just glad I'm back at work and being productive again because my biggest accomplishment in the previous 3 days was the capture of a big cockroach (now I know how BK feels :).