Friday, June 10, 2005

Buongiorno from Rome Punks!

So here's what happened since my last entry: we spent almost 5 days in Paris and saw basically everything there is to see in Paris. The last day we were so bored we even tried to find a movie theatre to watch an American movie. Unfortunately, they were only showing Sin City, Star Wars and The Pacifier (that lame Vin Diesel movie where he's a baby sitter), which is actually known as "The Baby-Sittor" in French.

Anyways, we flew to Venice, which was absolutely stunning. The most beautiful city I've ever visited. Like Tolu said, it's basically a living postcard. We had some pretty good Italian food and lots of gelato (on my first day, I had a triple-scooper and then a few hours later a double-scooper, mmmmmmmm). We walked around quite a bit and of course took the aqua "metro" to San Marco square for some sight-seeing.

Then I laid in bed sick for almost an entire day.

The next day we hopped on a train headed towards Rome. Twenty minutes before it stopped in Florence on the way to Rome, we decided to hop off and check out Florence. I was actually somewhat disappointed because Florence wasn't quite as beautiful as I had expected. We did see David at the Accademia though. That sculpture was super super amazing. Hands down the highlight of my entire trip. Such a magnificent piece of art. We also walked around quite a bit to the Duomo and by the Uffizi which had a super long line and Tolu didn't want to wait so we hiked up a side of a mountain for a view of the entire city instead.

Then we got back on the train to Rome and got to our hotel at 11 pm. The first day (yesterday) we spent in Vatican City, visiting the Vatican Museum (Sistine Chapel) and St. Peter's. Pretty amazing stuff. Today, we visited the Coliseum, the Pantheon, the Forum and then the Trevi Fountain. All very awesome monuments.

We aren't very impressed by the city itself though. It's not nearly as clean or safe as London or Paris, although the girls here are sultry. Very very bellissimo. One of the only two metro lines closed down at 9:30 PM last night and we had to hail a cab to get back to the hotel. WTF??? The subway trains are also covered with graffitti.

Anyways, we are leaving on Sunday afteroon to return to the States. I have to say this trip has been nothing short of amazing. Definitely eye-opening to say the least. I also saw as many Chinese restaurants as in New York for some reason.

Gotta go. Ciao.