Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is It Me...

Or do these snippets from the wrestler murder-suicide tragedy story seem completely incongruous?

"Investigators...want to know whether the muscle man nicknamed 'The Canadian Crippler' was unhinged by the bodybuilding drugs..."

"The Montreal-born Benoit was one of the stars of the World Wrestling Entertainment circuit and was known for his wholesome family man image"

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Great Random Moments in Gliu's Life

#283 Outside the men's room at the Foz do Iguacu Airport

Japanese kid (whom I always associate with that Annyong kid from "Arrested Development" even though they probably look nothing alike) opens bathroom door for me and then bows for me.

#502 Inside the Xunta Tapas Bar on 11th St. & 1st Ave

Made eye contact and face at a kid walking by the restaurant. He was wearing a brown T-shirt that said, "I (heart) Trees").

BTW, I'm no tapas connoisseur (don't usually meet up with my girlfriends for cosmos with tapas after work), but Xunta has to be the worst tapas place in NYC. Ugly decor. No atmosphere. Overpriced, bland food served along with sangria that tasted like it came out of a can. How this place stays in business when there's the vastly superior Mercadito a couple of blocks away (11th St. & Ave B), with its out-of-this-world ceviches (the only ceviches I've ever liked at any South American place I've ever been to), delicious soft tacos, and tasty margaritas spiked with habanero sauce on top of great, friendly service and reasonable prices, is beyond me.

#620 ??

Yan: "If you ever need to get an escort [which, for the record, I will NOT], DON'T tell them you want a Brazilian chick, because they'll just send you a black chick."

#739 At apartment in Soho

Greeted by Joe's sister's friends, whom I hadn't met since we all went on a ski trip to Vermont in January.

Hot friend #1 (who's bi-racial: half black/half white): "OMG Gary, I love your new haircut! You look so much better than last time! If I didn't have a man already, I would be running away with you!"

Hot friend #2 (Chinese): "Gary, you look so much better! You lost a lot of weight!"

Later I would be toasted myself after a few stiff drinks whipped up by Joe and also some Absinthe (which tasted like Chinese herbal medicine, btw). At one point while #1 was dancing to a Beyonce music video, I yelled to her, "Dee, make you booty touch the ground!" which shocked everyone. She was a bit taken back but amused. It's a good thing I didn't yell out the other phrase bouncing around in my head at the time: "Make your booty go clap!"