Saturday, March 26, 2011

This is why I hate people on Craig's List

Every time I put something on CL at a decent price, I get emails from asshats asking if they could get it for half price, BEFORE EVEN SEEING THE DAMN THING!!
Recently, I've been trying to sell my old laser printer for $50 on Craig's List, which seems pretty reasonable to me for a fully functioning laser printer with plenty of toner left. After several back and forth exchanges with some douche, I give up. "Hi Gary,

Thanks. A couple of things - since you don't have the disk, I downloaded the driver and wanted to test that it would install under Windows 7 - it says it needs the printer connected, though, to install it (unlike other printers - I've done this a lot). As such, I will have to bring a laptop (with Windows 7) with me and install it there with the printer connected just to be sure (unfortunately, not all printers work with Win 7).

All this means more work for me. Also, a friend of my girlfriend offered to give me a printer - I don't want to 'dis' you though. So, in consideration of all this, I can justify spending $40 for your printer.

Please let me know if the above is acceptable for you."

My final response:

"Tom, I know you've been trying to buy a printer for a while, since you had contacted me almost a month ago when I first put up the printer for sale. I'm not really that desperate to sell it to be honest so I'm perfectly happy to wait until someone is willing to pay me $50 for a printer that I had purchased originally for almost $200, for which I am also throwing in a USB cable, which did not come with the printer originally, in addition to the toner refill kit that I had purchased on my own afterwards. Also, I'm not really sure why it's more work for you because I don't have the install disk and the driver installation program requires you to connect the printer. You would need to install the driver whether you got it from me on a disk or downloaded it from the net. You would also still need to connect the printer to your laptop. The only difference is you are doing it at my apt instead of at your own place. I don't even understand why you need to bring your laptop over in the first place. If Samsung is providing a Windows 7 driver for the printer, then I don't see any reason for the printer not working with your Windows 7 laptop. I don't know anything about your gf's friend's free printer, but if it suits your needs better then you should take it. I won't feel "dissed" if you decide to go with that, just like I didn't feel dissed when you didn't come on Tuesday night.
Let me know if you are still coming tomorrow.