Saturday, June 04, 2005

Bonjour duders

I'm now in an internet cafe in Paris with Tolu after seeing the Notre Dame (regretfully I do not have a fighting irish shirt on) and St. Chappelle, a church that used to house Christ's crown of thorns.

Before I forget, there's been a change of plan because a snafu with the Eurail: we will be visiting Venice instead of Florence because we couldn't get a reservation on a train to Florence. It should be just awesome because I knew about Venice long before I heard of Florence.

Cool things we've done so far: Eating Wonder Waffles in London!!!! Those are the best snacks ever!! Ice cream + chocolate sauce + sweet, crunchy waffle crust = gastronomic delight!! Riding the London Eye to see the skyline. Seeing all of Paris on top of the Eiffel Tower. Speaking way more Mandarin than French because there are more Chinese people here than I had expected. Tolu took a picture of a sketchy bar filled with what looked like prostitutes zhile forgeting to turn off his flash. One madame came out to solicit us before we walked away

gotta go. time's up.