Thursday, February 24, 2005

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture...

Santa: I bet you I can lift you up easily
Me: No way!
[2 seconds later]
Me: Weeeee!!!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Power Move

This weekend I went up to Boston for the first time with old Dad. We didn't really explore that much of the city because we only spent a day there and the temperature hovered in the low 20's the whole time. Like on previous visits to other culture sites in the States, I was amused by the American notion of "historic." Case in point, the Old South Church where Benjamin Franklin was baptized in 1706. I'm not trying to trivialize the importance of the monuments I visited yesterday, but I've stepped on bricks that were laid down in my hometown centuries before the Puritans dragged their persecuted little butts across the Atlantic. I guess it's all a matter of culture. To someone born in China like me, "historic" usually means at least a millennium ago.

Anyways, on the drive back to CT, I did plenty of reminiscing with Dad as usual. For no apparent reason, I recalled this old (not quite historic) Kung Fu movie I had seen in China when I was 6 or 7 years old. The chief baddie in the movie practiced the Golden Bell Technique and was essentially invulnerable to weapon attacks. This evil dude did have an Achilles' heel however, and the protagonist defeated him by grabbing his testicles and crushing them with his bare hands. Every scene from this movie has faded into oblivion in the many years since I've seen it, except for that last one in which the old geezer stumbles around gasping for air after the hero triumphantly cracked his balls like a pair of eggs, with the yolk-like yellow goo dripping off his hands. I can still remember how much that scene blew my and my friends' puny little minds. Do we have eggs in them wrinkled sacks? Fortunately, despite our inquisitive nature, none of us tried to find out for sure.

There you go, I've managed to mention Benjamin Franklin, church, Puritans, and ball-busting coup de grace in one post. I rock!