Thursday, October 23, 2003

Welcome Aboard, Soldier!

My bud Fan has finally put up his own blog. Dude, some day you will let me fire your machine gun (is that an M16? It seems shorter than the ones I've seen here). I look forward to yet more procrastination!

Way Funny

Haha, this "End of the World" animation is hilarious. Check it out!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Confessions Of A Deprived Mind

me: i'll listen to it at work tomorrow
me: on my ipod
rita: what a yuppie...
me: god, i love my ipod more than you or anyone else
rita: haha
me: yep i'm a gadget freak
me: and you are too
me: don't deny it
rita: nope
rita: i'm not
me: you are just jealous of me and my ipod
rita: lol
rita: lauren has an ipod
rita: it wasn't that great
rita: actually, i was totally jealous
rita: that's a lie
me: haha
rita: she had it on the train we took back from the beach
rita: and let me use it
rita: i wanted to steal it and run
me: man, ipod and itunes go together like you and me
me: oh wait, never mind
rita: oh boy
rita: later gary
me: l8r
rita: that's the best nerd pick up line
rita: i've heard
me: thank you
me: thank you

Monday, October 20, 2003

Uniform Fetish?

After having dinner with Annie and doing a little shopping at K-Mart today (God I miss all the mega stores like Wal-Mart and Costco since moving here, they are so cheap and convenient, screw the suspicious small drug store owners, who stare at me like I want to steal their toothpaste, and their lousy prices and limited selections), I had two interesting encounters. The first occurred after I got on the train. There was a high school girl sitting across me dressed like Britney Spears from her first music video. She was actually not all that hot, and I would not have looked at her twice had she not been wearing that Catholic school girl outfit.

Then I realized I got on the wrong train and I was going in the opposite direction. After shaking my head at my stupidity, I got out at the next stop and hopped on the correct train.

As I walked in Grand Central after getting off the train, I saw the cutest army soldier/reservist(?) ever. She was Hispanic and she looked so damn cute wearing that black beret. There is just something about an attractive woman in military fatigues We made eye contact while I walked past her. Since I was wearing my best suit, I felt pretty hot myself and flashed her a smile. I walked away before I could see her reaction, but since she didn't chase me down or shoot me with her M16, I think she appreciated that random bit of friendliness.

What is it about women in uniform?