Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Workplace Tomfoolery

In development team chat room:

13:00 coworker1 i wonder how many times yoda has been divorced
13:01 coworker1 900 years, that could really add up
13:08 coworker2 Are you suggesting he's a Jedi Elizabeth Taylor?
13:08 coworker2 Maybe they share the same plastic surgeon
13:12 coworker3 haha may the farce be with you
13:13 coworker3 but sorry to disappoint, i think he's just a puppet...
13:23 coworker4 Its all a bit of a worry really - Ron did say he preferred the Yoda dialect in a discussion a few weeks ago.
13:25 coworker5 klingon all the way
13:31 coworker6 lo'laHchugh ghunpu'ghachwIj 'e' Dayu''a' chaq bIQambogh DaqDaq qaHoH
13:32 coworker6 (taken from
13:33 coworker5 Delbogh navmey poQ pujwI'vaD ghIjwI'vaD je
14:05 Mr. Grouchy unsubscribe

Later I IM Mr. Grouchy

14:15:20 Tue (ME) haha, unsubscribe, nice
14:16:02 Tue (Mr. Grouchy) seriously? star ware and star trek....that just validated every stereo type about it people
15:05:46 Tue (ME) don't pretend you don't put on your darth maul outfit and practice with your light saber after work every day
15:06:06 Tue (Mr. Grouchy) unsubscribe

17:14:16 Tue (ME) what's the autosys command to change the host of a job again?
17:14:45 Tue (Mr. Grouchy) after your module load run:
17:15:04 Tue (Mr. Grouchy) chgownermach -J jobname -m machine name
17:18:56 Tue (ME) thanks
17:18:59 Tue (ME) you are such a baller
17:19:12 Tue (Mr. Grouchy) what?