Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Crazy Month Ahead

In the next month I will embark on 3 potentially life-altering adventures:

1.) A two-week jaunt through Europe with Sir Tolu. We will be visiting London, Paris (doubly romantic since I'm with Tolu the sexy beast), Florence and Rome.

2.) A kick-ass new job that should be infinitely more interesting, challenging and rewarding than my current one. I will definitely miss my managers (well, two of them) and coworkers though. Hopefully my new company won't charge its employees a nickel for the plastic soft drink cup in the company cafeteria or block webmail sites (yahoo, hotmail, gmail, you name it), Craig's List, or IM networks. Hopefully, I won't see a senior developer who's been with the company for 12 years getting dressed down in front of everyone in a meeting by an impetulant, irrational big honcho. Hopefully, I won't have to wear a tie to work every day, although I'm just starting to rock that super fashionable $160 striped shirt/tie combo.


3.) An apartment move with my roommate to somewhere farther downtown. We are currently looking in Grammercy, Union Square, East Village and Soho. Anywhere but corporate Mid-town because I'm so sick of Irish pubs and crappy restaurants that only cater to the lunch time crowd. Of course, there are more shady brokers in New York than rats and cockroaches combined. Hopefully we won't get ripped off too much. It doesn't seem like we will be able to find a decent 2-bedroom apartment for under $3000/month.

Will I have a grand old time or will I crash and burn? Who knows? Isn't that what makes life worth living?